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WrestleMania Backlash picked up the place WrestleMania 38 left off and improved on it. The aptly named particular occasion featured 4 WrestleMania rematches and, arguably, exceeded the standard of the superstars’ first encounters.

Charlotte Aptitude vs. Ronda Rousey, AJ Kinds vs. Edge, Bobby Lashley vs. Omos and Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins all bought the WrestleMania rewind on the Dunkin’ Donuts Heart in Windfall, Rhode Island. The SmackDown ladies’s championship match had the added wrinkle of an “I Give up” stipulation. Sunday’s superstars constructed upon the foundations of their feuds, delivering nice in-ring motion and new parts to their storylines.

Headlining WrestleMania Backlash was the newest stage of a heated rivalry that includes The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) vs. Drew McIntyre and RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle). Reigns exhibited moments of hesitation in preventing the bodily imposing McIntyre. They tangled briefly, but it surely was in the end Riddle who Reigns speared via for the victory. 

CBS Sports activities was with you the entire manner via the occasion, offering updates and highlights because the motion went down within the dwell weblog under.

2022 WWE WrestleMania Backlash outcomes, grades

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins: Rhodes and Rollins exchanged holds to start the match with Rollins usually getting the higher of the counters. This performed into the story that Rollins has studied his opponent and is best ready than he was at WrestleMania 38 when Rhodes was a thriller opponent. Rhodes chased Rollins across the ring. Mr. “Freakin'” reduce him off contained in the ring and firmly took management of the match. Rhodes received again some momentum by slamming Rollins’ face into the nook steps. It was short-lived as Rollins turned Rhodes inside out with a clothesline ringside.

Rhodes bounced again from Rollins’ management interval by touchdown some trademark strategies. Rhodes popping Rollins within the throat, faceplanting him off an prolonged suplex spot after which hitting a Catastrophe Kick. Rhodes tried the Catastrophe Kick a second time and was firmly shoved over the ropes and to the surface. The motion picked up again within the ring with Rollins main the dance, earlier than a Sundown Flip and a few close to falls.

Chaos broke out because the chops and palm strikes changed into a full-on slap combat. Rollins with a spin kick to the midsection. Rhodes ducked a strike and clotheslined Rollins out of the ring. Rhodes dived off the rope however Rollins moved out of the way in which and “The American Nightmare” ate the barricade. Rollins went for a suicide dive however ate a forearm for his efforts. Rhodes entered the ring, sprung off the ropes and nailed Rollins with the Cody Cutter. Rhodes ducked the pedigree, Rollins countered and planted him with a superkick. Two rely for Rollins.

After the 2 traded excessive spots “That is Superior” chants broke out from the gang. Rhodes tried to hit one other Catastrophe Kick however Rollins caught him and turned it right into a Buckle Bomb adopted by a high-elevation Frog Splash led to a close to fall. Rollins continued the assault earlier than Rhodes bought a reversal right into a Cross Rhodes that led to a near-fall with Rollins getting his foot on the ropes.

Rhodes missed an enormous moonsault and Rollins made him pay with a Pedigree. It was a detailed rely however solely two. An irate Rollins repeatedly fed Rhodes his boot. Rollins made the error of mimicking Dusty Rhodes’ moveset and Rhodes planted him with a Cross Rhodes. Rhodes transitioned for a second one however Rollins escaped. A sequence of transitions adopted for every competitor. Rollins rolled up Rhodes with the tights; nonetheless, Rhodes rolled via and grabbed the tights for a three-count. A unbelievable match, even higher than their first. The Cody Rhodes system is thrilling, however the fixed false finishes can diminish the affect of their ending strikes. Nonetheless, a terrific match that would have been an prompt traditional with larger stakes. Cody Rhodes def. Seth Rollins through pinfall. Grade: A

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos: Lashley instantly took the combat to Omos, clubbing him with blows early. Lashley tried to run the ropes however was intercepted by his ex-manager MVP. Omos took over. He dropped Lashley’s head into the nook and caught him with an enormous boot. Omos choked Lashley towards the center rope whereas MVP talked trash. Lashley then climbed onto Omos’ again and snatched a rear-naked choke however Omos flung him off. After a spear into the nook by Lashley, “The Almighty” tied up Omos’ arms within the ropes and pummeled him with unprotected strikes.

Lashley met MVP exterior of the ring. MVP swung together with his cane however Lashley dodged. Lashley snatched The Harm Lock on MVP. Omos interfered, grabbing Lashley’s head together with his palm. Lashley countered and planted Omos. Lashley locked in The Harm Lock whereas Omos was on his knees. Omos appeared to exit however roared to life and pushed Lashley into the nook. That compelled the referee to interrupt the maintain. Huge elbow strikes to Lashley’s dome within the nook. Lashley took again management and landed one other spear within the nook. Lashley managed to hoist Omos up and drop him onto his again.

Lashley took off for the match-ending spear however Omos dodged it and MVP struck Lashley together with his cane whereas the referee was distracted. Omos picked up Lashley and dropped him for the pinfall victory. It was a high quality match, particularly contemplating Omos’ relative inexperience. Omos def. Bobby Lashley through pinfall. Grade: C+

AJ Kinds vs. Edge: Kinds instantly jumped on Edge, beating him again to the nook and  creaming Edge with a baseball slide adopted by an Asai Moonsault to the surface. Kinds dedicated to the Phenomenal Forearm too early and Edge countered with a boot to Kinds’ injured shoulder. Edge continued to work on the shoulder, throwing Kinds into the ring submit. Edge tore the Kinesio tape off his opponent’s shoulder and continued to focus on the injured physique half.

Following prolonged abuse to the shoulder, Kinds managed to duck underneath considered one of Edge’s assaults and clock him with the Pele Kick. A double crossbody left each opponents reeling on the ground. “The Phenomenal” one tried for a fireman’s carry however his shoulder didn’t maintain up. Kinds discovered a extra inventive solution to plant his foe. Kinds mustered the vitality to prop up Edge for the fireman’s carry right into a shoulder breaker. Edge responded with a backbreaker variation right into a crossface. Kinds transitioned into his signature Calf Crusher and Edge managed to succeed in for the ropes to interrupt the submission.

Kinds restarted the motion with a german suplex, earlier than Edge held onto the nook turnbuckle pad and it tore it off. Kinds dodged a spear and Edge went into the uncovered buckle. Kinds then bought a two-count on the pinfall try. Edge slammed Kinds. Edge arrange for The Spear however Kinds countered and planted Edge with the Kinds Conflict earlier than Damian Priest emerged however remained on the aisle manner as he was banned from ringside. Finn Balor appeared and attacked Priest. The chaos allowed a masked assailant to knock Kinds off the highest rope whereas the referee was distracted. Edge locked up a chokehold and Kinds went unconscious. Rhea Ripley was revealed to be the masked lady, formally aligning with Edge’s Judgement Day steady. Edge and Kinds pieced collectively a stable match. Ripley’s initiation into Edge’s steady plus Balor’s involvement within the feud give the match a half-grade bonus. Edge def. AJ Kinds through pinfall. Grade: B+

Charlotte Aptitude (c) vs. Ronda Rousey — SmackDown ladies’s championship (“I Give up” match): Aptitude opened with a clothesline earlier than a short flurry of offense by Rousey which Aptitude stopped by spiking Rousey with a German suplex. Rousey countered an early Determine Eight try and landed a flying knee. Rousey hunted the armbar however each ladies fell out of the ring and Aptitude repeatedly ran Rousey into the barricade earlier than repeated chops by Aptitude. The 2 made their manner up the ramp the place the pair every bought a maintain of kendo sticks. “The Queen” bought her palms on two kendo sticks and struck Rousey within the ribs with the weapons. “Rowdy” then turned the tide and bought a maintain of two kendo sticks and repeatedly struck Aptitude. 

After making their manner again all the way down to the ring, Aptitude grabbed a video digicam from a ringside cameraman and hurled it towards Rousey and their combat boiled over into the gang. Aptitude blinded Rousey with a drink to the face and chucked her into one other barricade. Aptitude trapped Rousey between stair railings and locked on a camel clutch. Rousey refused to stop. Aptitude tried to strike Rousey with a chair however the former UFC champion ripped it from her palms. Aptitude escaped again to ringside amid  “we would like tables” chants from the gang. Aptitude powerbombed Rousey into the ringside barricade. Rousey received again management however a rake to the eyes snuffed that out.

Rousey tied up Aptitude within the nook in a Tree of Woe with Aptitude hanging the wrong way up, going through ringside, whereas Rousey locked on a deep armbar. Aptitude repeatedly refused to stop regardless of having her arm absolutely prolonged. Each ladies fell to the ground. Aptitude then repeatedly struck Rousey and planted the challenger with a Pure Choice towards the chair within the ring. Aptitude locked in her Determine Eight ending transfer. Rousey refused to stop and smashed a close-by chair towards Aptitude’s head. Aptitude taunted Rousey, wishing her a cheerful Mom’s Day after which Rousey took benefit of Aptitude’s arm inside a metal chair and snatched the armbar. Rousey torqued the armbar and Aptitude screamed “I Give up!” An enormous enchancment on their WrestleMania match with good spots and good momentum swings. Ronda Rousey def. Charlotte Aptitude underneath “I Give up” stipulations to win the SmackDown ladies’s championship. Grade: A-

Madcap Moss vs. Comfortable Corbin: A tussle for power kicked off the match. Moss doubled up on leapfrogs and hip-tossed Corbin. Corbin responded with a high-angle chokeslam. Corbin pummel Moss’ face towards the barricade. Corbin with a tough Irish whip into the nook. Corbin flipped Moss onto his again and delivered a senton. Moss took the lead with an explosive spear within the nook after which chucked Corbin with a fallaway slam. Corbin took management and  belittled Moss whereas delivering punches. Moss finally fought off Corbin on the highest rope however missed with aerial offense. Moss bumped into the Deep Six however bought his shoulder up for the two-count. Moss took benefit of an emotionally-charged Corbin, dodging a clothesline and touchdown a sundown flip to attain the pinfall and celebrated as a pissed off Corbin appeared on. A high quality match for what it was. Madcap Moss def. Comfortable Corbin through pinfall. Grade: C+

The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) vs. Drew McIntyre and RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Riddle): Riddle took early management of Jimmy, very like their current match on SmackDown. McIntyre planted Jimmy with a suplex and referred to as to face Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman insisted that Reigns had nothing to show, however the undisputed champion tagged in. Reigns faked out McIntyre by instantly tagging in Jey, eliciting boos from the gang. Jimmy then tagged himself in and the brothers swarmed Riddle. Heyman solely implored Reigns to tag in as soon as Jimmy had Riddle in a foul place, which he did.

Reigns beat down on Riddle, clobbering him with an elbow and taunting the gang. The undisputed WWE common champion planted Riddle with a ura nage. Riddled dodged Jimmy’s nook splash and practically tagged in his companions; nonetheless, Jey intercepted by blindsiding each Riddle and Orton. A flying kick by Riddle opened the door for a much-needed tag to McIntyre. Reigns, who tagged himself within the ring moments prior, had a glance of concern painted on his face. Reigns psyched himself up and met his bigger foe within the middle of the ring. McIntyre and Reigns exchanged blows. McIntyre took management, tossing Reigns throughout the ring and touchdown neck breakers on each McIntyre and Jimmy. A distraction from Jey created a gap for Reigns to land a signature Superman punch.

Reigns wore down McIntyre within the nook with thudding blows as the gang chanted for Orton to tag in. Reigns cheap-shotted Riddle and antagonized Orton, organising McIntyre to land the Claymore Kick. The viewers roared for Orton, who tagged in and punished The Usos together with his signature powerslams. “Classic Orton” reared its head with a rope-assisted DDT. “The Viper” struck Reigns with an RKO. He ate a superkick by Jimmy Uso however snapped again and scored one other RKO. McIntyre arrange Jey for the Claymore; nonetheless, The Usos caught him with a double superkick.

Riddle and Jey tagged into the match and Riddle exploded to life. He punished Jey with numerous strikes together with suplexes and sentons. He saved Reigns and Jimmy at bay with flying knees. Riddle landed his signature Floating Bro for a close to fall on Jey. Jey struck Riddle with a pop-up neckbreaker however Orton broke up the pin try. Reigns lept off the metal stairs and slept Orton with a Superman punch. McIntyre tried to place Reigns via the announcers’ desk. A distraction from Jimmy allowed Reigns to slam McIntyre via the desk with a uranage. Riddle dove onto Reigns and Jimmy. Riddle and Jey exchanged strikes within the ring. Riddle landed a top-rope RKO onto Jey however Reigns managed a blind tag on the closing second. An unsuspecting Riddle fell sufferer to a match-ending spear from Reigns. Nice depth from all individuals, good motion and stable character work from Reigns and McIntyre. The Bloodline def. Drew McIntyre and RK-Bro through pinfall. Grade: B+

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